Attention: Advance payments are accepted. If you would like to include more guest, extra rider fees may apply. These deals apply to the selected day Only. All guest participating for Float Fridays must not interfere with any extreme water sport activities and any water crafts present in the water. violations will be terminated without refund. Please read waiver carefully. All other requirements visit

Sunday Funday $70 Jet Ski Rentals - One Ski Two Guest One hour
Kick Back Kayaking Mondays $10 - One Guest One Kayak One Hour Rental
Tubing Tuesday $30 - Two Guest 30 minutes
Tubing Tuesday Ski Goggle Rental $5 each 
Wake board Wednesdays $35 - Ladies Day Out One female Guest 1 hour 
Thrill Ride Thursdays $20 - One passenger 15 minutes
Float Fridays $15 - One Guest 30 minutes
Fearless Friday Deal $85 - Two Guest 30 minute Jet ski rental & 15 min Tubing activity 
Knee 4 Speed Saturdays $40 - One Guest 30 minutes
Extra Rider Fees
Jet Ski Rider  $30     
Water Tubing Rider  Adult $20     
Water Tubing Rider  child $15     
Wake Boarder  Adult $28     
Other Fees
Private Session & Travel Fee $20

Jet ski Upgrade $10

Rescheduling Fee $20

Late Fee $20

Reservation Fee $5 (None Refundable) Vouchers Only Please read FAQ for more details