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We want to give back to the community in a gnarly way by donating money to schools, academies, and after care programs in central florida. Donating $20 or more will give you access to purchase a water sport activity of your choice at a discounted price for the whole month. 50% of your donation will be saved up to reach a goal of $1,000. Once we reach our goal we will make a big announcement on where and who we are giving the donation too. The other half of your donation will be used to buy new equipment for gnarly water sports so our guests can enjoy new additions to their experience such as using walkie talkies while riding, listening to music using a blue tooth speaker while tubing, jet skiing or kayaking, new life jackets, and much more. So donate, save, and become a gnarly member today!  

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Bottled Water $2
Jet Ski $70 One Ski Two Guest 1-Hour (Deal Unlocked during selected dates)
Jet Ski $77 One Sea doo, Two Guest 1-Hour 
Jet Ski $80 One Yamaha, Two Guest 1-Hour 
Tubing $35 Two Guest  30-minutes 
Kayak $12 Single Rider 1-Hour 
Jet Ski Rides $34 One Guest, One Instructor 30-Minutes
Wake board lesson $50 Two Guest 1-Hour
Extra Rider Fees
Jet Ski Rider  $30     
Water Tubing Rider  Adult $20     
Water Tubing Rider  child $15     
Wake Boarder  Adult $28     
Other Fees
Private Session & Travel Fee $20

Jet ski Upgrade $10

Rescheduling Fee $20

Late Fee $20

Reservation Fee $5 (None Refundable) Vouchers Only Please read FAQ for more details