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Q: What do I need to bring if I want to operate a Jet Ski?

A: Everyone is required to bring a photo ID. Bring Boaters ID card or certificate if you have one. 


Q: What do I need to bring if I want to ride along as a passenger?

A: Bring your Photo ID. You will also need to bring a credit card for us to hold until your session is over. 


Q: What if I do not have a Boaters ID, can I still operate a Jet Ski? 

A: If you were born before Jan 1st, 1988 you do not need a Boaters ID. Otherwise you must have a passenger that has a Boaters ID present if you are between the age range of 18-36. 

Q: What if neither me nor my passenger do not have a Boaters ID?

A: We recommend taking this online Temporary Boat quiz in order to receive a certificate at the end.

It is $9.99 and may take 20 minutes to complete. Once completed screen shot your certificate and send it to us. This is to have on file for documentation by law upon needed request by any law enforcement/coast guard. We also provide a link for the boat license which is $34.95 and never expires once completed

Q: How old must I be to rent a jet ski on my own without a parent?

A: You must be 18 or older to rent a jet ski. Kids 12 and under ride free with paying adult (per payment). All ages under the age of 37 must have a boaters ID/permit in order to drive a personal watercraft by the state of Florida law.

Q: Are there age restrictions on riding Jet skis, Wake Boarding, Tubing, Kayaking, or Standup Paddle boards?

AWe recommend ages 8+ for Jet ski rides, 13+ for Wake Boarding, 10+ for Tubing, Kayaking, and Paddle boarding. Parents' discretion for children ages 6 & up. Must sign parent/legal guardian permission slip on the back of each waiver per child. If you are a legal guardian you must provide proof to your instructor and for law enforcement inspection purposes.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are a mobile service located in Central Florida, we bring the activities to you! We have a select list of Lakes we will operate on.   

Q: Can I have the address?

Addresses are given out during the processing of your appointment. We keep this information private for the safety and privacy of our guests with appointments. Primary rental location is in Orange county.

Q: Do you offer a pre-ride, pre-training session?

A: Yes, it is required 10 mins before reservation start time. 

Q: Do I have to sign a waiver if I am just a passenger?

A: Everyone that is participating in any activity must sign a waiver before engaging in anything. Once you sign the waiver you are at your own risk.

Q; What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We only accept payments made online through our website, zelle, apple pay or cash app prior to your arrival.   


Q: What is your Refund Policy?

A: We will give refunds when appointments are cancelled 48 hours prior to reservation date. You cannot receive a refund after using our services if your time was interrupted, cancelled, or terminated by misuse of machinery or intolerable behavior, intoxicated, impaired, etc. You also may not receive a refund even if Jetski malfunctions during your time. Once you touch or sit on any of the activities there is no fund as well. 

Q: What if the weather changes the day of my appointment?
A: We understand the excitement of having a fun filled day then having a plan change due to weather conditions. Our services rely on the daily outdoor conditions. From weather to air/water quality. We do our best to accommodate our guests and use our best judgement in optimal conditions. Your safety is our top priority. Florida weather is unpredictable at times. In the event of a bad weather day on a scheduled appointment, we do regretfully have to make the decision to cancel. But, we do offer two options as a solution.
1. We can reschedule your appointment for a later date (rain check)

2. Full refund.

Q: What time do you open and close?

A: We are open for appointments everyday from 7am - 8pm as weather permits.

Q: Are there any FEES?

A: Yes if you come late past 15 mins from your start it is a $20 FEE and a $20 FEE if you reschedule same day or next. A $100 Travel FEE is for private backyard sessions.

Q: What if I damage parts of the jetski or any property? 

A: Renters who damage any or all parts of the Jet ski are liable for damage costs. Renters are also responsible for the cost of any property damage and lost items that belong to the company.

Q: What's the purpose of a reservation hold fee? 

A: A reservation fee is for guest with a third party discounted voucher. The fee is automatically included for all guest who paid through our website or cash app. The purpose of reservation hold fee is so no other guest will take your time slot. (This is non refundable!) even if you are not able to show up or cancel on us.


Q: When do up charges occur? 

A: Up charges occur during a high demand holiday and guest traffic. We announce a up charge of $20 which skips the line if there are any instructors and time slots available. 


Warning: You can not participate in any of the water sport activities if you are pregnant, over the weight limit, have health problems, injured and/or have disabilities. Please contact us if you have any questions 4078215759


We are closed on Rainy days. We are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Feel Free to ask any other questions.



We are still open & Gnarly the gator’s friends are here to help! Radical the raccoon has given gnarly black rubber gloves to give to our guest participating in outdoor social distancing activities. Gnarly & the instructors want everyone to get the opportunity to drive a jet ski, kayak, & go water tubing this year. Our job is to make people happy & put smiles on faces.


Social distancing outdoor activities at Gnarly Water Sports llc.

 - Instructors will offer gloves to jet ski drivers & kayak guest only. fees may apply for an extra pair at our own expense. 

 - Jet ski handle bars, tube handles, & kayaks will be wiped, sprayed, and sanitized. 

 - Instructors will wear mask gloves & shades if they choose.

 - Please wash hands before your reservation starts.

 - Any pregnant guests; guests with back pains, or sick guest during covid 19 can not participate for the safety of others.

 - Instructors have the right to reject your ticket if you do not follow the rules and guidelines.

 - once you sign the waiver you are participating at your own risk, you are responsible for any property damage and we are not responsible for any injures.

 - accepting reservations only at this time.

 - hours are the same (Please text or email to see if we are open or closed today.) 

 - ski googles are available at the gnarly store online for eye protection.

 - Sanitation fee is $30 is for guest using a third party voucher. Guest who pay through us do not need to worry since its already included. 


Any questions or concerns please feel free to text us at 4078215759

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